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Mobile High Flow Water Treatment Saves Customer Time and Money

Wastewater Treatment
Refinery – US


A large midstream limited partnership was repurposing assets to accommodate the increase in production of domestic crude oil.  There was a long section of 30” pipeline that would require hydro-testing and in the process, over 1 million gallons of contaminated water and residual crude sludge would be generated.  Because of limitations in space, the customer could not bring in temporary storage tanks and asked GEM to treat large quantities of contaminated water as quickly as it was generated, which was at a rate over 1000 gallons per minute (gpm).


GEM proposed the use of the GEM 1500 oil water separator (OWS), capable of treating water up to 1500 gpm.  The GEM 1500 would separate the oil from water and would be followed by a portable 10 micron bag filter and 10,000 lb carbon vessels.  Given the sensitivity of the project, in order to avoid project disruption due to equipment problems, GEM would be deploying redundant pumps, vessels and filters.  Once treated, the clean water would be discharged into a dike wall. 


The treatment of over 1 million gallons was completed in 14 hours.  Because the project was completed so fast, the customer avoided the cost of labor associated with a longer term treatment project.  Additionally, with GEM treating as the water was generated, the customer realized a substantial cost savings by not needing temporary storage tanks.

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