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Eliminate Odor for High Profile Alkyl Merox Shutdown

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Refinery – South Coast


A refinery customer was levied a large fine for an odor nuisance that regulators blamed on a vapor release associated with a unit turnaround.  They traced the odor source to the vapors emitted during the de-inventorying of various units within the Alky Merox, including the disulfide separator.  During that turnaround, chemistry was mixed with the liquids and circulated to neutralize sulfur compounds. It was determined that when discharge was performed through open air, the refinery sewer grating would emit sulfurous ordors.  


Our chemists and engineers devised a plan to neutralize the sulfur compounds with a circulation of chemistry.  To take care of the open-air problem, GEM fabricated an enclosure for the grate, and connected a small thermal oxidizer to capture any and all vapors that may have escaped from the liquids during final discharge. 


The project was a success and no odors were released.  The cost for GEM’s services was approximately 5% of the amount they paid in fines to the air district during the previous turnaround.   

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