Permits & Compliance

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Permits & Compliance Support

GEM maintains a staff of Air Compliance Specialists whose primary responsibility is to keep a focus on regulatory compliance. Besides insuring that GEM has the necessary permits to operate our vapor combustion equipment in any given state, county or local air district for compliant operations, the team is also experienced in assisting customers with interpretation of the increasingly-complex regulatory landscape.

California - Air Districts & Permits

GEM got its start working under the scrutiny of the California Air Resources Board, known to be among the strictest in the country. With 35 different Air Districts, all operating independently and each with their own set of rules and regulations, it takes a high level of expertise to meander through the various regulations while maintaining compliance. GEM has successfully operated in this environment since 1994, and today all of our equipment is permitted in each Air District we work in, with all permits requiring annual updating.  

Texas - Vapor Combustion Technology Review & Approval

As the vapor control contractor with the most operating seniority, GEM has been operating in Texas for over a decade. Originally asked to bring our services to the Lone Star state by our California customers, the Gulf Coast is now considered our second home. 

With the evolution of tank degassing and MSS regulations taking hold in Texas, GEM recognized a void in the best available technologies recommended by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). GEM, who pioneered the mobile vapor combustion technology throughout North America, solicited the TCEQ for a technology review and approval. After weeks of research, discussion with internal staff, and consultations with independent combustion engineering firms, the TCEQ completed their assessment of GEM’s thermal technology used for degassing and vapor control. After this review, our thermal technology of vapor combustion was approved as an alternative to thermal oxidation technology.

TCEQ’s approval of GEM’s thermal technology is important because GEM’s vapor combustion systems offer improved technological advantages as compared to traditional vapor destruction methodologies such as thermal oxidation or internal combustion. GEM’s vapor combustion units can obtain 99% destruction efficiency at temperatures less than 1400 F. The destruction efficiency is confirmed annually by third party stack monitoring firms, and test results can be made available upon request. In addition, each stack test will accompany its associated unit. 

Because GEM’s vapor combustors can obtain 99% destruction efficiencies below 1400 F, our units generate less greenhouse gas emissions and use less propane. These are benefits that both GEM and the customer can appreciate.  


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